Speaking Topics

We can customize each presentation to match your organization’s needs and goals. Here are some of my signature talks:

Workshop: Facebook Page Makeover

On this hands-on workshop, attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops to work in site, on the 5 steps I'll lead them on, so they can update their Facebook page correctly. At the end of this workshop, they have a professional-looking page that is optimized and ready to attract more engagement.

Suggested Length: 45 minutes

$55 / person

Workshop: One Page Marketing Plan

On this workshop, attendees learn and revisit some fundamental Marketing Concepts, and craft a One Page Marketing Plan they can execute immediately

Suggested Length: 60 minutes

$65 / person

Social Media Power Tips

On this presentation, I'll reveal the audience the most current secrets to master Social Media that they can execute right away! With my actionable items, you will immediately improve your online presence.

Suggested Length: 30 minutes

$45 / person

Online Visibility & Building Funnels

Building a presence online is crucial, if you want to grow your business. But where to start? On this presentation, I share the only 5 Key Elements you need to create a marketing system, aka funnel, so you can build your online presence and attract the RIGHT clients!

Length may vary

I've been to several of Simone's Facebook and Online Marketing workshops and webinars. She is a very dynamic speaker, very energetic & engaging. I find it very impressive that she takes the time to get to know her audience beforehand to find out how to help them best. We found immediate results after implementing some of the tips she shared during her Facebook Makeover Workshop. Simone takes the guess work out of business owners figuring out ever-changing algorithms and delivers relevant advice anyone at at any level of social media expertise can use.

—Emerald Lowe,

Oceanside Chamber's Membership Services Coordinator

I love her classes. I love hearing all the tips and tricks you don’t really find if you go online and look for tutorials. I came in a little afraid of nuances on what exactly to do to my pages, and now I enjoy learning some settings on the backend and not to be afraid. The information is not only interactive but very easy to understand, and she makes sure not to move to fast. I appreciate Simone’s heart and passion, she really loves what she does, and she’s very enthusiastic in having us to know how to use Social Media properly, and she has a heart for helping people and their business, and I love that.

—Nicole Aspenson,

VP of Anchor Financial

I got valuable information from her that I might not come across if I just researched online.

—Kris Guy,


She's an excellent teacher and makes learning fun, and her teaching style is easy to understand and keeps everyone active and involved.

—Diane Turk Rogers,