Simone’s entire 20+ year career has focused on serving people.

She started as a nurse assistant, working in hospitals in all different departments for 8 years. While assisting doctors in life-threatening situations or taking care of patients and their families, she learned that building relationships based on being kind, yet truthful, clear and real is not only fulfilling, but builds it deeper and makes it long lasting. When she decided to change paths completely, she got a degree in Journalism, where her passion for communicating effectively blossomed. From writing articles to producing videos, all the way to formatting radio programs, and presenting in many formats, be it in front of the camera, or not, her creative side, together with a sense of achieving a goal and being focused, flourished.

“As a journalist, I always had the sense that if one person read, or heard or watched my reports, and learned something from it, or got inspired by it, I’ve done my job.”


Simone was born in Brazil, in the wonderful City of Rio de Janeiro. She’s married in 2004, moved to the US in 2006, and has been living six blocks from the beach, in Oceanside, CA, since 2010.

Her last job was journalist and chief editor for a business magazine. There, besides interviewing CEOs and founders of companies on a daily basis, she also had to manage a team of graphic designers, journalists, and contributors. Interviews were focused around various subjects like leadership, finances, technology for business, and marketing. One key part of the position was guiding the magazine's marketing team, and receiving guidance on how to write content for the web—a time when SEO started to be extremely important.

Then social media came to change the world, and Simone became very attracted to this new way of communicating—primarily because of its instantaneous audience response. She dove right in and learned everything she could at the time—a time when not too many people knew much of it, and she was successful right from the start in getting readers to engage.

"I instantly fell in love with social media...

...Before that, when I wrote an article, I might have gotten a couple emails from readers thanking me, or congratulating me for a good job, and days later. But, when I started sharing my articles for the magazine on social media, and the comments and feedback would come right away, I mean, there was no better feeling—I got hooked!”

Marketing was a natural path to follow. As she became a social media expert, she understood that she needed to understand marketing as a whole. Social media could be a great tool if used in an efficient and knowledgeable way. Simone came to understand that, for a business to expand, a holistic approach to marketing is crucial.

She started working with all types of businesses, doing their social media management, Facebook and Instagram ads, and building their marketing funnels. She also started teaching workshops and soon enough she was giving courses on how business owners could do their own social media—and she loved it!

“I am an educator that happens to be a marketer. My most fulfilling days are when I’m coaching my course members, helping them build their online presence, and listening to all the results they’ve gotten from following my lessons. I could do that for the rest of my life!”


With Simone & Company, Simone is in a position to harness all her experience with so many related fields to teach a step-by-step, action-by-action blueprint to business owners, on their growth journey. From coaches, consultants and experts to speakers and authors, all the way to REALTORS® and financial advisors, Simone is able to guide them throughout their journey to become more visible online and attract more of the clients they want to work with.

“Getting overwhelmed with Digital Marketing is not what you want out of your life. Marketing can be simple. It takes just a few steps, strategically implemented and well crafted, to build your Digital Marketing presence. And yet, most Marketers make it very complicated.”