At Simone & Company, we are guided by values that build our culture. Our clients can be assured that our principals translate into trustworthy and successful partnerships.

  1. Business: We approach your business with the business in mind.
    • Balance: We work with inbound and outbound Marketing, because we excel on both, and we know how to take in account your industry, timing, and location.
    • Uniqueness: We work to identify your business strengths and what sets you apart, so your strategy won’t look the same as others in your field.
    • Knowledge: We get to know your target market deeply, and we use the power of our team’s experience of over 60 years combined to connect with them.
    • Integrity: We will evaluate your status quo and your goals, and we will always speak the truth of what we believe is attainable; what we promise is what we deliver.
  2. Local Focused: We are local and know local.
    • Expansion: All our experts are local, know the culture and dynamics of the area and understand the community where your business is in.
    • Connection: We build long-standing relationships and engage with local markets.
    • Competition: We research the market for you, and we look at the competition to set goals and get inspired.
    • Excellence: Good isn’t enough for us. We deliver outstanding services and we are on a path of constant improvement and innovation.
  3. Leadership: Our team works for you. 
    • Ownership: We build a partnership with your business. We are truly responsible for our actions and outcomes.
    • Communication: We understand that a clear and prompt response helps everyone.
    • Team-Work: We are all team players and team leaders at Simone & Company. We become part of your business team.
    • Commitment: We commit 100% of our efforts until we succeed.



These are the 8 CORE VALUES that we live by:

To most people, San Diego County is a place for vacation, but we know that San Diego is the best City in the world to live. Simone & Company’s roots are here, and with the support of this community, we've been able to build and grow this agency, while enjoying life in this amazing neighborhood.

To show our appreciation, we've developed ways to give back to the City that we love so much. We provide donations to organizations that act in SD County for causes related to Children Education, Environment, Women Empowerment, Arts and Elderly Care. Every little bit helps!

Below are some of the organizations we support. Feel free to research more about them and help if you can!