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3 Laws for Entrepreneurs on Facebook

If you are a consultant, coach or speaker and you have set up your Facebook Business Page, you probably understand that Facebook is still, far and away, the most popular Social Media platform and one of the most inexpensive resources you can use to be in contact with your clients, in a non-threatening way. That
Everybody I talk with tell me they feel so overwhelmed about Social Media Marketing. I believe that when it comes to Social Media, most people are undervaluing what they can do in a day and then freezing, doing absolutely nothing or, even worse, they invest their time and money for about six months, and quit
We all know that having your own business is exciting, just as much as riding a roller coaster is. Besides the learning curve associated with building a business from scratch, through those ups and downs we meet wonderful people that will add to our excitement, and we will get clear about the ones that are