For years, I’ve been building my clients’ online presences...

...with social media management, funnel optimization and email marketing.

However, in my journey with my marketing agency, I realized that many solopreneurs didn’t have enough knowledge of the current online marketing space even to know what to ask. There’s so much information out there and things change so rapidly, that it’s impossible for those not in the industry to keep up with all that! Plus, as I got more experienced and knowledgeable, the fees for my services were not always affordable for those starting to build their visibility online.

So, I decided it was time to share my knowledge...

...with those who maybe can’t afford to pay me to do the work for them—people who understand that they too need to create their visibility online, if they want to attract more clients sustainably to their businesses.

That’s what Simone & Company offers now. It is a platform where business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs come to learn and apply what they learn, to grow their business in a sustainable, yet not overwhelmed way.

Our courses have everything I used to help my clients attract the clients they wanted to work with – I don’t hide any of my secrets.

My students come to me typically overwhelmed from courses, webinars and workshops they’ve attended, which motivated them, but didn’t gave them the first steps on where to focus. They don’t know where to start, and they are frightened by technology.

I decided to share everything I’ve learned...

...because I was tired of watching some marketers out there teaching the most complicated things with no step-by-step for people to actually implement it. They normally give an overview of what’s supposed to be done, and then leave it to the student to figure out the “in-between” steps.

With every course we offer, my students have a chance to speak with me directly—live. I’m probably one of the only course creators out there that gives this much support together with their online courses. I decided to do that because I once heard, from a "very prominent” course creator, who has thousands of students going through her courses a month, that only 15% of her students completed her courses!


Not here! At Simone & Company, I want all my students to complete my courses, because I know they’re going to change their business and lives forever after they’re done! So, I made sure I offer enough accountability to make it happen!

One of the words that are very common on testimonials from students that go through one of my courses is that I make the most complicated systems “simple”.

I always tell my students that nothing is super easy, but we can make it simple enough that anybody, without any technology knowledge, can do it.

At Simone & Company, it’s our mission to empower business owners through knowledge about the digital space, to help them expand their businesses and realize their vision.

My mission is...

To empower business owners through knowledge about the digital space, and to help them expand their businesses—realizing their vision.


We Honor our Word as Ourselves


We Pursue Growth and Learning Often


We Embrace Change & Challenge


In Serving Well, we’re Aligned with Others’ Success


We are Givers and Have an Abundant Mentality


We Love What We Do


We Take Responsibility for Our Actions


We View Life as a Journey to be Enjoyed and Appreciated