About Simone & Company

If you are looking for a marketing agency that knows online marketing and can help you grow, then Simone & Company is the right team for you.

Simone & Company was created in San Diego County, California - the Sunny Capital of the United States, and a burgeoning hot spot of technology, culture, and innovation.

We are a full Marketing Agency that believes in balance. For a business to grow today, a mix of traditional marketing practices and online channels is a must. We offer solutions in both areas: traditional Marketing, often called Outbound Marketing, and Digital Marketing, known as Inbound Marketing. We eliminate the hassle of investing in these areas individually and bring them all together in a collaborative effort and process.

Our team comprises of a group of local highly skilled and experienced professionals, and we believe that every piece of content, image, video, digital ad, website design, PR campaign, or Marketing plan, is only done when it is amazing.

At Simone & Company, we have Social Media experts, Digital Marketing specialists, experienced Web Designers, talented Graphic Designers, a studio with Photographers and Videographers, very well connected Public Relations Specialists, Copywriters, Content Experts, and Marketing and Business Consultants that can certainly help you reach your business goals.

We bring solutions that connect directly to the unique intentionality of each business, aligning their purpose and goals, to help them expand their results, so they can impact a broader targeted audience. We build long-term relationships with our clients and organize areas of focus to overall enhance their success.

Our ideal client partnership is with a business owner who wants to expand its business and understands that they need help so they can focus on taking their vision to fruition. We are also thrilled to work with a professional that is an expert or authority in their field and passionate about the impact that their product or service can have on their customers. Our optimal clients are committed to the long-term growth of their business.


Simone’s entire 20+ year career has focused on serving people. She started as a nurse assistant, working in hospitals in all different departments for 8 years. While assisting doctors in life-threatening situations or taking care of patients and their families, she learned that building relationships based on being kind, yet truthful, clear and real is not only fulfilling but builds it deeper and makes it long lasting.

When she decided to change paths completely, she got a degree in Journalism, where her passion for communicating effectively blossomed. From writing articles to producing videos, all the way to formatting radio programs, and presenting in many formats, be it in front of the camera, or not, her creative side, together with a sense of achieving a goal and being focused, flourished.

Her last job as a Journalist was the position of Chief Editor for a Business magazine. There, besides interviewing CEOs and Founders of companies on a daily basis, she also had to manage a team of graphic designers, other journalists, and contributors that were interviewed for different articles such as Leadership, Financial Matters, Technology for Business and Marketing. And one important part of the job now was guiding the Marketing team of the Magazine, and receiving guidance on how to write content for the web - SEO started to be extremely important.

Then, when Social Media came to change the world, and Simone became very attracted to this new way of communicating, primarily because of its instantaneous audience response. She dove right in and learned everything she could at the time – when not too many people knew much of it, and she was successful right from the start in getting readers to engage.

Marketing was a natural path to follow. As she became a Social Media expert, she understood that she needed to understand Marketing as a whole. Social Media could be a great tool if used in an efficient and knowledgeable way. And she came to understand that, for a business to expand, a holistic approach to Marketing is crucial.

Now, with her Marketing Agency, she is able to harness all her experience with so many related fields to guide a group of highly qualified professionals, to support businesses on their growth journey. From Coaches and Experts to Restaurants, Coffee Shops and local Grocery Stores, to services like Auto Shops, Dentists and Massage Therapists, all the way to Realtors and Financial Advisors, Simone is able to gather the right information to make them unique with Marketing solutions that will help them grow and give them freedom to do what they love most.

Simone was born in Brazil, in the wonderful City of Rio de Janeiro. She’s married since 2004, she moved to the US in 2006, and live six blocks from the beach, in Oceanside, CA, since 2010.