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3 Tips to Quickly Master Social Media for Business

Everybody I talk with tell me they feel so overwhelmed about Social Media Marketing.


I believe that when it comes to Social Media, most people are undervaluing what they can do in a day and then freezing, doing absolutely nothing or, even worse, they invest their time and money for about six months, and quit because they “didn’t see any results”.

I’ll never say Marketing is easy: it changes constantly, it requires both creative and analytical skills (right AND left brain), and it has to happen consistently. But, it can be simple! Once you get it rolling it’s just a matter of improving your skills and enjoying the process – isn’t that with everything in our business?


So, I summarized 3 important tips for you to master social media nowadays. Here they are:


1- Focus on one channel/platform at a time: Yes, preferably you want to have your presence everywhere but there are nuances and differences between them, and it takes a while for you to learn each. Audiences are a little different: Demographics, Intentions, Engagement are unalike.

Work on it consistently, learn, get good at it. Still, you don’t want to stay with one channel. Move on to another social media platform when you master that first one.


2- Focus on Relationships not Results: We do want to have results right away with everything we do in Marketing, but the ROI in Social Media comes in many ways. And the more you are intentional about building the relationship with your audience, the more long term results you will get.


3- Focus on Your Marketing Strategy: You need to understand that Social Media is one piece of your Marketing System and Funnel. Whichever platform you choose to focus on, this cannot be the begin and end of your Marketing strategy, it has to be one ingredient of the whole pie. Always think where you want them to go to when they land on your page. Using Call-To-Action expressions is a great way to direct your viewers to where you would like them to go.

No time to read? Watch the video where I talk about the 3 Tips to Quickly Master Social Media for Business.

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