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Join me for FREE inside the LIVE VIRTUAL EVENTS & LEAD GENERATION STRATEGIES group, where I teach the blueprint behind my $20K+ events so that you can make more IMPACT & INCOME!!



- Private programs: These programs are geared towards female coaches that need help with one specific element of their business, wether it's lead generation or sales. Each program lasts tipycally 6 weeks, where we work together on one very specific element of building your business online so that you can sign clients consistently every month.

- Self-Study Courses: It's inside my course on HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT where I'll teach you the whole system I use to have succesful live virtual events. I share with you my strategies, processes, framework and the step-by-step system I use that has supercharged my results in my virtual events during the last 5+ years hosting events myself (without a huge team!).

SEO Marketing

This program is for female coaches, consultants, course creators and service providers that have been posting consistently on social media and yet, are not generating leads daily.

Inside this program you will learn my most effective lead generation strategy on Instagram, including what to post, while having private calls with me PLUS having your material reviewed by me. 

If you have a good lead generation system, and you're talking to several prospects every week and yet not signing clients consistently, and you'd like to reach those $5k, $8k months, you probably need help describing your offer.

It's inside this program where you'll learn how to pitch your offer with the right description of tangible results, using sales psychology and with confidence where you can use for your sales page and for your live virtual event. AND I'll review all your material and your pitch!


If you've been coaching for more than a year, and still can’t enroll clients consistently, and you’re ready to use live virtual events, like webinars, workshops, masterclasses or challenges, my course on HOW TO MAKE MONEY USING LIVE VIRTUAL EVENTS is for you.

In this self-study course, I share with you all my strategies and secrets behind the scenes of my successfull events, giving you the step-by step of what you need to implement before during and after the events so you can make IMPACT and INCOME with your business, consistently. 



Check out what my clients have to say!

Find out how Teekwa decided to trust a new coach again after having had a bad experience with a previous coach.

Learn how Mary Fitzgerald managed to succeed on our program while being so busy.


Claire Lunel talks about why she wanted to build a solid foundation for her business using my system.

Hear how Jill Lacsa registered people to her first event without any prior experience generating leads online

Hear what components of the program helps Jessica the most, while building her business.

Hear Trang Robinson sharing why she didn't want to waste more time trying things on her own.

Robyn Carlson

Mobile Notary Coach

This course had a bunch of positive results for my marketing! I was also able to apply what I learned real quick and I’m seeing fabulous results. I especially liked Simone's step-by-step, bite-sized teaching style! Her style was very easy to follow while completing the assigned homework. 

Laurie Teixeira

Limiting Beliefs & Trauma Coach

Two months in the program and I already had a strategy, and meeting with Simone for accountability and to answer questions has been really helpful. Because by my own, I’ll go off, and get distracted, so she keeps me accountable and focused on those building blocks. And when it’s something I’m a little uncomfortable to do, because I’ve never done it, she talks me through it, and it feels extremely supportive, it kicks me into gear, because normally I’d put things off.

Nicole Aspenson

VP of Anchor Financial

I love her classes. I love hearing all the tips and tricks you don’t really find if you go online and look for tutorials. The information is not only interactive but very easy to understand, and she makes sure not to move to fast. I appreciate Simone’s heart and passion, she really loves what she does.

Wanda Allen

Follow Up Strategies Coach

Simone is an absolute expert. She makes the seemingly overwhelming practical and easy. My online presence increased because of what she taught me. I highly recommend Simone to anyone who is looking to grow their business.

Cris Guy


I got valuable information from her that I might not come across if I just researched online.

Kara Horat

Founder of Connect for Success

Sometimes obvious things aren’t so obvious and you need the expert like Simone to be able to point those out. She makes it easy and doable.

Have a challenge in your business?

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